GracieI have a new harness…called the Easy Walk. Easy for whom? It’s apparently a control thing for mom. I’ve definitely lost the battle when it comes to pulling on the leash and getting my own way. I missed out on goosing a toad, sniffing some unidentified slime that resembles the pig snot that surrounds Spam, and rolling in some fresh dog poop from a neighboring guest’s Basset Hound that visited for the weekend. I was, however, allowed to finish connecting the dots in the duck doo doo picture, but, the portrait was unrecognizable. It looked like something Picasso would have done while suffering from a migraine. I did manage to scrounge a dead something or other from the long grass in the median, but I couldn’t swallow it before mom managed to snatch it away from me. It was such an uneventful day for a 2-year-old Cairn huntress! I’ve taken to my favorite pillow for a well-deserved nap! Harrumph! Call me when dinner is served!