ToyAhhh…February. Love is in the air! You know…Valentine’s Day, candy, cards, love notes, kisses, stuff like that. Well…I want you to know, I have a boyfriend. Yes, I do. His name is Captain Bourre, he’s from, well, lets just say “out of state”, and he’s a younger man. Talk about a stud muffin! This dude is awesome! “Captain, oh Captain…be still, my heart!” I’ve been sending him little love messages every chance I get, and one time, on Facebook, some guy even told us to “get a room”. It made my mom LOL! He’s very wealthy. He has a whole chest full of toys! At Christmas, he made a huge haul! He has more than one sweater, and he looks so VERY handsome in his newest. It’s blue. He makes my heart skip a beat every time I see his picture. It’s on the top of my bucket list to meet him in “pawson”. I did get one new toy for Valentine’s Day. It crinkles and it has a squeaker, too. It’s like a Double Stuff Oreo…more for the money!

HenryOn my daily morning walk, I’ve met a splendid older Scottish chap named Henry. Here is his photo. He’s a handsome fellow with impeccable manners, and is extremely well groomed. His human tells my mom that he was rescued just like me. On our first meeting, he kissed me gently on the nose, and immediately retreated to his owner’s side and sat like a statue while we chatted. If he weren’t old enough to be my grandpa, well…I could really go for him. They were accompanied by another lady and her Teenie Weenie dog named Jasper or Jason. I didn’t catch it the first time around, and the dude was so rude, I really didn’t care. He made a dive for my “hoohah” right off the bat, and I was NOT impressed. I ducked behind mom, and tried my best to ignore the hound, but he wasn’t having it. On his second attempt to have a sniff at my “fern”, I let him know under no uncertain terms, that I was NOT up for grabs, and that I already had a boyfriend. Well, “YoHo” wouldn’t take no for an answer, so the third time around, I growled at him, and shortened his whiskers by a good 3/4 of a inch on one side of his snout. I believe he got the message. He hightailed it between his mom’s legs, and his human said it was time for him to go home. That’ll teach him!

My “brother”, Winston has a lady friend, Krissy. She’s a Palomino, and, I must say, she’s gorgeous. She’s the boss in the relationship, and makes no bones about putting the Mister in his place. Winston is fine with all that, as long as he can see her. They have a HUGE arena to play in, but most of the time, they’re standing side by side, probably whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ear. When she gets out of his sight, he gets a little nervous, and he bellows rather like a sick calf for the love of his life. It’s very sweet to see the “mature” man so enthralled with the younger woman. Love is in the air.

Then there’s Annabelle. Mom has recorded a male burro on her cell phone, and plays it when she gets to the barn. Annabelle answers with a love sick bray that’s loud enough to wake the dead. She comes inside her stall, looking for that Jackass that has apparently called her by name, in the hopes of having a mate of her very own. She’s always rewarded with an apple treat and soon forgets why she came in, but love is definitely in the air.

My hope is that you all have someone or something to love, whether it be two legged or four. Or at least some sweet memories of a former love to carry you through February and beyond.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Gracie and Annabelle.