GracieIt was an awesome day! Mom was a little upset this morning because I failed to do my business before it was time to go to the groomer. (I ALWAYS do my business every morning.) We were running late, but I was totally intrigued by the new residents on the retention pond. Six drakes have moved in, and deposited many mounds of fresh duck doo doo. It was like a connect the dots picture…ready for me to do just that with drizzles of puppy pee. I wasn’t able to finish the drawing, but, perhaps tomorrow.  😀 Breakfast was a blur, and she whisked me into the car. As soon as we arrived at the groomer, I let it be known that I really did have to take care of my business. We marched across the parking lot and I must tell you…I had a regular poop fest! There must have been the scents of at least 100 dogs from days gone by. It was heavenly! I may not have to go again for 2 days. I go to CARE Animal Center for my grooming. Melissa Logsdon does the deed. There’s nobody better! Once I was done, there were lots of ooohs and ahhhhs. I look beautiful…beyond beautiful! I’m absolutely exhausted now! Call me when dinner is served