Happy New Year

It’s a relief that 2020 has nearly come to a close.

Santa brought me a new jacket for Christmas…purple and black. They’re my two favorite colors. I must say, I look stunning!



Mr. Coe Vid Cactus, (he’s 19) from down the block remains healthy and stands tall, keeping his distance and stays masked.

Sadly, I lost my dear Minion friend, Herald A. Singer to respiratory failure.

Both his lungs collapsed and no amount of oxygen could revive him. He is survived by a twin sister, Beth, married to Lee Hamm. <chortle> Perhaps she will make an appearance on the holiday scene next year.


Rudolf didn’t show up this year, but his little known brother, Randolph did stop by. He disappears at midnight, only to come back each night at eight o’clock. I’ve never seen any food left out for him, so I don’t know what the deal is. He gets lit every night, so I haven’t seen any does making a pass at him. Rumor has it that my pal Rooster, the resident wiener dog, squitzled on his leg and his lights went out. Caused a world of trouble for a couple of nights. Rooster tried to blame the whole thing on me, but everyone knows I’m a lady, and a squatter.

Other than that, things have been quiet approaching this New Year’s. My biggest hope is that butt sniffing will be allowed in 2021.

I wish you all a bright and beautiful 2021, and that you all stay healthy and safe! God bless you all…and all of your critters!

Gracie and Mom (Sandi)