Christmas 2017I got my Christmas toys early this year because I’ve been such a good girl. The first was a snowman, and the second was a Ho Ho Santa. Both were stuffed to the gills with that super duper white fluffy stuff that makes them really soft and squishy when you bite down on the squeaker. My favorite was the Santa. Mom would tell me to go get my Ho Ho and I would rip tear into her room and retrieve that toy, throw him up in the air and come charging out into the living room like gangbusters. I was encouraged to play with the snowman as much as the Ho Ho, but for some reason, the Ho Ho was just much more fun…until…I took that one last bite, and my Ho Ho exploded into a mass of white fluff. Mom can’t post the picture since I tore out Santa’s hiney hole. Death came quickly. RIP my little Ho Ho. <sniffle>

Christmas 2017Mom felt really bad, and came home with a new toy…an “elf-a-nant”. It has a really loud squeaker in its arse and a trunk that I can grab and shake back and forth so it bats me in both sides of my head. It’s awesome! I still feel bad about my Ho Ho, but this might just be a close second to my all-time favorite!

Mom said she has a boot to hang on the stall for my sister Annabelle for Christmas. Dad said he’d like to “give Annabelle the boot”, and then mom gave him the evil eye. It got real quiet in the house after that. <chortle> I wonder what he’s gettin’ for Christmas?

Christmas 2017Christmas 2017In the meantime, Merry Christmas from all of us at the Wagner Zoo!
Gracie and Annabelle

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