Class starts at six o’clock sharp. I know why Annabelle is always late. She gets individual attention to bring her up to speed while the rest of us sit and pretend not to notice. Harrumph! I am NOT impressed! The first order of business tonight was the down command. Mom was smart and brought little chunks of cheese sticks for treats. That worked like a charm until…the instructor produced…OMG…PUPPERONI STICKS!!! Let me tell you, I don’t know of any dog alive that wouldn’t kill for a Pupperoni Stick! Annabelle, the Pitbull, went nutzoid! She went down on the first command. Bella, the Pitbull/Boxer mix had to try three times, but I think that’s because she just wanted the whole Pupperoni Stick. Then there’s What’s Her Name (with the IQ of 9). She never did do the down thing, but consumed nine sticks, and threw up all over the floor. Me…I was a star. I already knew the command…and was used for demonstration purposes by the instructor. We performed in front of each of the three other dogs, and I could have gone on all night! I had seven sticks, and never even so much as burped. The second thing we worked on was meeting each other on a walk around the store. As we approached each other, our owners asked us to sit, gave us a treat, they shook hands, and we proceeded on our way. Annabelle and I have made great strides in this department It was more cheese, and the instructor wanted to use me again to try and coax What’s Her Name (with the IQ of 9) to at least look at me without getting all spastic and scared. Of course, that involved more Pupperoni Sticks, and I was in seventh Heaven! I never saw Bella, The Pitbull/Boxer mix with the bloodshot eyes again. I suspect her mom exited stage left and headed for home. I know between the cheese and the Pupperoni Sticks, my farts are going to be awesome tonight!  🙂 I’m going to rest for a bit now that we’re home. Call me when dinner is served.Gracie