I’ve been really sick for several days, and I’m finally on the mend. Mom hasn’t decided if I snatched something toxic from a yard while on my walk, or if my dog food is the culprit. There hasn’t been a recall of my prescription food, but, everything that I upchucked was that color. Then again, everyone has been spraying pre-emergents in the neighborhood. I’m quick to grab a weed or blade of grass if I can get one, so it’s possible I managed to sneak one or two. After 4 straight days and nights of puppy puke, I finally managed to keep down a scant 1/4 cut of boiled chicken. Four hours later, mom repeated the meal, and the chicken stayed in the coop. Bless mom’s heart, she’s been serving chicken every 4 hours round the clock. We’re two days without the bird leaving the nest now, so I’m thinking I’m on the mend.

I can tell you one thing, there’s nothing like a pet beginning to vomit in the wee hours of the morning to get the owner flying out of bed in record speed. I’m surprised they don’t have that sound on an alarm clock just for them. I hope my four legged fur buddies are all doing well, and that their parents are keeping a close eye on you. I don’t wish this on any of you. I kind of look like I’ve been drug through a knot hole, but a bath and a good grooming will take care of that.

Sending lots of love and hugs…Gracie and mom (Sandi)