GracieIt was a lovely day, albeit windy. Mom decided to let me walk without the Easy Walk harness attached to my collar for the first time. I’ve been such a good girl….what could possibly go wrong? Big mistake! Things were fine until that ill-mannered Yellow Lab came on the scene again. The owner can’t control him, and just as he made a nose dive for my private parts, mom yanked on my harness, and I got a leg out! Before I realized it, I had squitzled in that lab’s face. Take that…pee puss! I was so proud of myself, but mom wasn’t amused. I could see the panic on her face. I could have escaped, and being a street dog for God only knows how long, this could have been a tragic ending. Once mom collected herself, got my harness straightened out, and connected it to my collar, she told me we would have another training walk later in the day…hopefully sans the Yellow Lab. I was allowed to sniff a fallen leaf, a broken branch from last night’s storm, a half-eaten acorn and an empty small cardboard box from UPS. I’m exhausted from the thrill of peeing in that Yellow Lab’s face. I’ve had to put my feet up for a well-deserved nap. Call me when dinner is served!