It’s the second time my parents have been shot with the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.

As soon as they got home from doing the deed, dad turned on the TV and heard the newscaster say that the Moderna vaccine has been reporting side effects including a sore arm, fever, headache, , and a general feeling of malaise. Dad said he was beginning to feel all of the above, and by the end of the day, he may need a sling for his arm.

Mom told him a much lower portion of his body was going to be in a sling if he didn’t stop with the complaining already! He immediately took to his bed. Mom and I, on the other hand, shared a small cup of frozen yogurt, and took a nice long walk in the sunshine. By the time we got home, dad was sure he had a fever. No such luck. He did say he had a headache, but mom said her pain was much lower in her body than that! <chortle> She gave him two Excedrin and told him to talk to her in the morning.

Here’s hoping all of you wanting to get shot have been able to.

In the meantime, continue to stay safe, be kind, and share the love.

Sending good thoughts and hugs to all of you!