No butt sniffing allowed in Arizona. <sigh> What a revoltin’ development! This whole Covid19 thing is so depressing. I had to wave my hiney to my friend Rooster from across the street this morning. It’s really hard for a dog in a mask!

The city decided to shut down the neighborhood a few weeks ago to resurface the streets. They made a real mess of things, and everybody has black tar tire prints in their driveway now. Talk about stink! Of course, they did it when the temperature was close to 100 degrees, claiming that was necessary so the tar would spread evenly. It spread alright…all over everything. Mom had to carry me across the street so I wouldn’t get tarry feet. It took nearly three weeks before I could cross on my own.

crack in blacktopThen, this week, they shut down the entire neighborhood again, to seal the cracks that they blew out before they resurfaced. You can see in the photo what kind of a job they did on that. I heard dad say that given mom’s age and all, her crack was sealed up better than those in the street. It’s been awfully quiet around here the last few days. Last I heard, she said she might cook him somethin’ for Christmas.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving. Please mask up and stay safe. Sending love and hugs.