Amazing Grace is my official name, because once I was lost, and now I’m found. (AKA Gracie) I’d been running the streets for months before I ended up on some guy’s porch, who kindly took me to the pound. Word there was that the male dogs called me a “street whore”. You can see by my before photo that I was a real mess.

Enter my new mom. A trip to the groomer, a bath, a haircut, a nail trim, some foo foo, a bow, a new collar and leash, and a whole lotta love…and the transformation was unbelievable! I looked over my shoulder as I left the pound and those old name calling dogs stood there with their mouths hanging open in disbelief. “Kiss this!” I thought as I wagged my entire hiney, trotting out the door on my way to my new furever home!

This year, on Valentine’s Day, my dream play date would be with the Steenberg’s Golden Retriever, Paladin, and Captain Bourre, the Cairn Terrier that belongs to Donna Le Saicherre-Jones. A real ménage à trois. Be still, my heart! I can just hear those old jealous males at the pound whispering to each other…(Lucky little bitch!)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Facebook friends, near and far! May you all have the play date of your dreams!
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