It was a glorious morning! The sun was shining, there was a lovely breeze, and it’s GARBAGE day! Hallelujah! I found several items of interest, including 2 moldy cranraisin cookies, which mom immediately snatched from my grasp, a fat dead earthworm, some rather nasty wet leftover lettuce leaves, (barely worth sniffing, but definitely put on my list for future rolling material), an empty Gatorade bottle, (previous flavor unknown), an old tennis shoe smelling of an unclean owner, my yesterday’s pee spot, and a wonderful place to deposit my “business”. Mom has these cute little “Designer Poop Bags”, so fitting for a Princess. They have tiny pink paw prints on them to disguise the contents of the container. Mom gets them at Dollar General…makes a special trip just for me. You can see my treasure hunt has left me exhausted. Call me when dinner is ready.Gracie