It was a lovely day. The crickets were abundant, the grass was filled with activity, and I spent the morning walk trying to corral them with no luck. The dandelions have gone to seed, and each time I pawed at one, I sent the white puffs flying in the breeze. Some of the puffies went up my nose sending me on a sneeze attack to end all others. The geese are on the move now, heading south for the winter. Their excrement deposits are more random, but still leaving me with plenty of places to roll. Mom has to be very diligent in order to keep my freshly groomed coat clean. The air is crisp with a hint of frost on the bent blades of grass. Although the morning walk was short, I knew that later in the evening, there would be another opportunity to experience an attempt to corner the evil black squirrel that taunts me from the hanging bird feeder that swings from the lowest branch on the maple tree. He’s a fat little dude, and he screeches at me when I get too close. If I ever manage to get off the leash, I’ll have that little teaser on my list of kills for sure!
After my supper, mom and I headed out for the last walk of the day. There was a full moon, casting eerie shadows in the trees behind the building. DeerI thought I heard rustling in the leaves, but had to squint to see what was actually looking back at me from the empty lot across the driveway. There were four deer, standing not more than ten feet away…two large adult does, and two young does, about half the size of their mothers. It was a moment I’ll never forget. I stood on point, locked and loaded in the ‘Holy deer steaks’ position. And then it happened. The deer took off running, and I gave chase. When I hit the end of the leash, I flipped over backwards, and mom yanked me up in the air dangling me like a giant soap on a rope. My business came down the poop shoot like a greased pig! Thank goodness my Easy Walk harness was attached to my collar, since I managed to get a leg out. My little legs were still running 90 miles an hour, and I was yelping the ‘Venison…It’s What’s for Dinner’ song, until I almost lost consciousness. My eyes were glazed over for nearly 20 minutes, just imagining what one of those would taste like on a platter. There’s a picture below, but mom couldn’t get one in the dark. At least you can get the idea of what I saw. Once I was able to settle down I came back inside, totally exhausted. I took over the male human’s chair to rest. Call me when dinner is served.Gracie