Last night’s class was amazing! It was Annabelle, the Pitbull, and me, the star pupil! What’s Her Name, the Beagle (with the IQ of 9) has officially dropped out. No surprise to me. I did find out her name though…Ella…after Ella Fitzgerald. Her human told the instructor it’s because she reminds her of Ella Fitzgerald when she “sings”. Seriously??? Bella, the Pitbull/Boxer mix was absent but will be back next week. Someone in their family had a heart attack, but the instructor assured me it wasn’t my fault. We started class with the whole idea of “leave it” again. I did much better this week, even though the peanut butter treats were very tempting. I lasted a whole 5 seconds one time. Annabelle…she was REALLY naughty this week. She didn’t obey even once. When a Cairn is naughty, it’s cute. (Just ask me) When a Pitbull is naughty, it can get pretty ugly. Annabelle forgot everything she knew. She jumped on the instructor and almost knocked her over. She barked at customers in the store. She growled at people that brought their dogs in to shop for stuff. Spit went flying a couple of times. Me…I was perfect! I did the sit, stay, shook hands, went for a walk on a loose leash, came from across the store when I was called, and did the down on command, It only took 74 pieces of cheese, 32 pieces of hot dog, and 16 peanut butter animal cracker treats (the large size) 8 of which were snatched from Annabelle before she had a chance to grab them. The instructor always comments on how quick I am and how my mom is able to cut the cheese so well.. I couldn’t even make it all the way on my mat I was so tired. Call me when dinner is served.