1. I’ll try to wait until mom wipes my hiney with a baby wipe before I scootch my seat on the pink wool rug just inside the front door. I’m very fastidious, but I’ll do my best to be patient.

2. I’ll try to remember to sniff before I snarf and refrain from snarfing rotted garbage. I know how mom hates it when I snarf my barf and then barf it again. UGH!

3. By trying to adhere to the above resolution, I’ll try to keep the the need to call Southwest Gas Company at a minimum, thus avoiding embarrassing all concerned.

The list is short, but difficult for a little girl like me to keep. Please note…there are no promises…only “tries”. I wish you all and your fur babies a very Happy New Year! With love…from Gracie

My dinner should be ready.