Last night was my first class at school. What a night! There were only four of us…Bella, a Pitbull/Boxer mix, What’s Her Name, an adorable Beagle with an IQ of 9, Annabelle, a rescued Pitbull of gigantic proportions with feet the size of my head, and me. Annabelle’s owners, Mike and Alex had no idea what they’d gotten themselves into. Annabelle’s introduction to the class involved lunging, growling, flying spit, and my invitation to ‘bring it on’. The instructor intervened, fitted Annabelle with some sort of restraining harness in exchange for the one they came in with, and the class finally began. We were supposed to work on two things…paying attention to mom, and learning to sit without using the word. Well, I already knew how to pay attention to mom (when I feel like it). After all, I’m a 100% Cairn! I already knew how to sit as well. I LOVED the class, since treats were the motivating factor. I had about 134 of my own, and half of What’s Her Name’s. Her mom brought bacon flavored ones, and What’s Her Name wasn’t near as fast as I was when it came to snatching them away from her mom.  😀 (Consider her IQ.) Bella, the Pitbull/Boxer mix did a good job with most everything, but her eyes turned really bloodshot. The instructor said she was stressed. <sigh> I totally get it…mom’s eyes were pretty bloodshot, too! Perhaps it was the stress of the Pitbull I kept trying to antagonize, or the wine she downed before we left home before the class. Once we got home, I headed straight for my crate, keeping one eye open so as not to miss out on my meal. Gracie Sleeps on Satin(Note the satin pillowcase added to my Princess Palace.) Call me when dinner is served.