It was unusually cloudy and overcast this morning. It looked eerie. There wasn’t even a breeze. The landscapers had come yesterday and chopped the tops off the overgrown cactus and some of the blooming plants. There were at least a dozen quail in the yard enjoying a feast of the seeds that had been left behind in the rocks. There were also six bunnies…2 adults and 4 youngsters, that have learned to taunt me since mom keeps me on a short leash. I kid you not…it looked likeĀ a Cairn killin’ smorgasbord out there! As mom slowly opened the patio door, I exited silently, and assumed the “on point” position, trying not to breathe. What an opportunity! The hair stood on end on my whole body, and drool started running from my mouth. When I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I began singing the song of my people. “Holy smokin’ bunny buns!” The bunnies ran in six different directions, and the quail scurried every which way as my feet left the rocks scattered in a patternless pile when I tried to take off after them. As usual, mom yanked me back with a stern, “No!”, but I’m slow to learn when it comes to hunting potential kill. It was total chaos! Bunny buns and quail feet went every which way and I caught nothing but a scolding for trying to run the wildlife down, but it was totally worth it. Ya know…I sometimes wonder if quail don’t know they can fly.

I tried to run left, then right, then straight ahead, but that darned leash just keeps me so confined! It’s so frustrating for a Cairn. I did manage to settle down enough to do my business after a serious period of panting. (I totally understand you older women and your hot flashes!) After getting a long drink of water I had to take to my bed for a nap. I can’t wait for the landscapers to show up again! (Hehehe.)

Gracie in BedMom said I kept her awake most of the night singing the, “Bye Bye Bunny Blues”. I really do like my new Queen sized bed.