WinstonIt was a lovely sunrise. Mom took me for a short walk, I did my ‘business’ and ate my breakfast in record time. Then it was off to the barn to meet some 4 legged creatures, the likes of which I’d never seen. First on the roster was Winston, a painted fellow with big blue eyes, who actually let me kiss him on the nose. He was in a HUGE cage with a sliding door that gave his human access to feed and water him and take him out to play. He lives next door to this little gal named Wonder. I still wonder why they call her Wonder. She is adorable, and Winston calls her his ‘wife’. WonderHe is truly in love with her and gives this belly shaking, ear-shattering bellow when she’s out of his sight, to let everyone within earshot know of his undying love for her. Her cage is the same size as his, even though she is very little.

AbbiThen I saw her…the biggest Cairn I’ve ever seen in my life. Her name is Abigail. Her human calls her Abbi. I kid you not…she’s HUGE! I’ve heard she’s referred to as ‘rich in condition’. You can see from her picture, there’s no other Cairn like her in the Universe! The women gathered in the barn called these creatures ‘horses’, but they looked like giant dogs to me. I know one thing, their poop would never fit in the baggy that mom uses to pick up after me. They call that a ‘Blivet’…10 pounds of pony poop in a 5-pound bag. I know I’d never want to roll in that stuff…when it hit the ground it was greenish, steamy, and the pile was bigger than my head! GAACK! After such a visually stimulating morning, we walked back to the house.

I got a big drink of water and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I went racing down the kitchen baseboard, and WHAM…I nailed it! I grabbed it…crunched it…brought it to the living room, and when mom yelled ‘leave it’, I deposited it on the little throw rug directly in front of her. I looked mom in the eyes and smiled in the way only Cairns know how to do.  🙂 MouseIt was a full grown adult mouse…and mom was so proud of me! There were lots of good girls, pats on the head, good jobs and ‘what a great little huntress you’ve become’. Mom deposited the remains outside for a brief photo shoot before taking it to the dumpster (you’ve been warned about the graphic image), and she told everyone she saw for the next couple of days what a courageous little rodent dog I am. My heart skips a beat every time I think of it. After my really exciting morning, I’ve earned a well-deserved rest. Call me when dinner is served.”