AllegiantMom said we’re going to fly. The only thing I know about flying is what excrement the birds leave behind for me to roll in as they take to the sky over the condo…you remember…goose poop and duck doo doo. As we approached the airport, I saw the biggest bird I’ve ever seen in my life…the Allegiant MD 80. All I could think of was the size of the splat that thing would make, and prayed that my fellow Cairn friends would stay out of harm’s way. One hit from that thing, (bombs away), and their life could be over! We actually went into the belly of that bird, where there were rows of seats on both sides. I had to trust mom on this one. We sat near the front, and mom tucked my carrier safely under the seat in front of her. Before long, I heard a male’s voice say, ‘Prepare for takeoff’. Holy honkin’ engine roar! The thrust of the engine threw me to the back of the carrier and my butt hit mom’s feet with a thud. I tried to yelp, but no noise came out. Once we were in the air, I don’t remember much. The lady in the seat next to mom did sniff now and then, and curled her upper lip as if to suggest that either mom or I let a fart. I just hope she thought it was mom. Every time her ears popped. I seemed to pop a fart. That happens with dogs, you know. I finally heard the stewardess say, ‘Welcome to Mesa, Arizona, and thank you for flying Allegiant”. Allegiant WingsThe Captain came back and presented my mom with a pair of gold Captain’s Wings for me…not the cheap silver kind that the kids get, but heavy duty ones, and told her I was the best canine he’d ever had on board. Mom was so proud of me! Once we got to our destination in Surprise, Arizona, unpacked and settled in, mom and I were both exhausted. My adventure story will be continued, but, for now, I need my rest. Call me when dinner is served.Gracie Napping