GracieAgain, it was Annabelle, the Pitbull, and me. It seems that Annabelle is regressing, while I’m “moving on up”. What can I say? Not only am I cute, I’m smart! Everyone says so! <Chortle> We started with some review. Drop a treat, leave it – take it. Annabelle leaves it, and I still take it. I still see no problem with this, but after the third try, I managed to impress the instructor. Okay…she did have to put her foot over the treat, but at least I stopped short of biting her toes!

Moving on, we did the ‘meet and greet’ thing. We walked towards each other, we were asked to sit, our owners were supposed to say ‘Howdy’ and shake hands and move on. We must have done this at least 2 dozen times, and each time, Annabelle jumped on her owner, and being so big, her paws nearly reached his shoulders. It became apparent her nails needed trimming, since, by the end of the class, what started out as a pretty nice shirt, had become pretty much mangled in the middle. The word ‘OFF’ didn’t seem to ring a bell, and Annabelle’s owner was VERY frustrated. (I think my mom understood after the whole ‘leave it – take it’ issue.) <sigh>

The last thing we did involved a long line, and some peanut butter treats. (Yes…I said peanut butter!) We went to a different area of the store. I headed to the cat toy aisle, and Annabelle went somewhere else, out of my sight. The instructor took me to the other end of the toy aisle, and mom called me to come, peanut butter treat in hand. There was no way I was going to fail this one. I slid into her feet like a home run baseball player heading into home plate, parked my hiney in front of her, sat up like a pro, and got my reward in record time. We did this three times in a row, and I got a gold star for the Come When Called command. The next thing I heard was Annabelle’s name being called from across the store…echoing by the fish tanks, next, by the dog food, then, by the check out counters. I heard someone yell, ‘grab the leash’, and the instructor say, ‘I’ll see you next week’. It was an awesome lesson. Mom never even had to cut the cheese! I really deserve a nap! Call me when dinner is served!  Gracie