Long Hair DauschaundThere’s a place down the road apiece that old Rooster, the weenier dog, asked me about. He said, “Hey, Chickie, have you been down to Poop Alley yet?” I told him I hadn’t even heard of it. Rooster kind of boofed a bit and told me that every Saturday night, the “Big Boys” go down to Poop Alley at dusk and hold a meeting. You have to have an invite…so if I’d like to go along, I was to meet him Saturday, shortly before dusk at the bench by the walking path.

The hair on my back stood up. An invite to meet the “Big Boys”! I could hardly contain my excitement! And to think old man Rooster was gonna take me! What an honor!

I had to beg for my dinner a little bit early, so we could meet up with Rooster on time. I didn’t want to be late. Linda, Rooster’s mom, and Rooster were waiting for us by the bench. Rooster and I did the usual butt sniffin’ greet while mom and Linda started chatting. All I wanted to do was get going. Rooster said, “Chill, girl, just chill. You’re gonna see things you’ve never seen before”.

Great DaneRotweilerWe walked about a block and a half, and there it was…the entrance to Poop Alley. Talk about “Big Boys”! On the left stood a Great Dane named Moe. On the right was a Rottweiler named Joe. They asked Rooster if I had credentials, and I had to show them my tags. Then Rooster introduced me. I nodded my head to each one, boofing Moe…Joe. <chortle> They let us pass through the entrance.

Once in the alley…the essence of previous poop was everywhere. It’s not that most of it hadn’t been picked up…but the aroma of those deposits were still fresh and delightful to a rodent dog like me. There were scents of rotted sweet potato pie, French fries, In and Out Burgers, asparagus (gaack), and even Old Blue dog food. What a smorgasbord for the nostrils! The bad part…mom wouldn’t let me roll in any of it! We walked down the alley a bit, and a gathering of the “Big Boys” was in session. Rooster and I stood on the outer edge, and I could barely hear the mumbling among them. Next thing I knew, the meeting was over. There was a lot of boofing, butt sniffing, and leg lifting and their owners gathered them up and headed home. What an experience for a little girl like me! As Rooster and I exited the gateway to the alley, Moe and Joe gave us a nod of approval, as if to say, “See you soon.” Gave me an all new meaning to the term “mojo”  smile My heart nearly skipped a beat! I feel like a Poop Alley Princess!

I need a nap!