Gracie Gas LeakWell, my birthday came and went, but mom kept saying, “Something smells like rotten eggs!” So, to be on the safe side, she proceeded to call Southwest Gas Company to do an inspection on our house. The gentleman arrived pronto, dressed in his uniform and flashed his badge to show he was indeed “official”. When mom let him in, I boofed to make sure he was “official”, and sniffed him up and down. He smelled of doggie, so he definitely met with my approval.

He asked where the smell was most prominent, and mom told him it appeared to be in the kitchen and the garage. Mr. Official said, “There’s nothing that’s gas in the kitchen…your stove is electric.” He pulled the stove out anyway, just to be sure there wasn’t a gas connection behind it that may be leaking. Nope…no problem there. Of course, I was supervising, staying very close to Mr. Official. He said we should go to the garage, since mom informed him that we have a gas hot water heater.

As soon as we got in the garage, he did notice the rotten egg smell. He checked the hot water heater very carefully, but couldn’t detect a leak anywhere. He had a very puzzled look on his face. Or course, I supervised every move he made, and parked myself very close to his heels.

Once we got back into the kitchen, Mr. Official started to write up his ticket, noting the strange happenstance, when all of a sudden, the odor of rotten eggs permeated the air once again. Mom said, “See…there it is!” And Mr. Official said, “Ma’am, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you don’t have a Southwest Gas problem. You have Cairn Gas. To be more specific…you have Gracie Gas.”

With that, he adjusted his cap, and made a hasty exit, stage left. I can just hear him when he got back to the office. (hehehe) Mom talked to the vet, switched me to unscented Bully Sticks, gave me some Pepcid, and things are much more pleasant around the house now.