Class #4…let me tell you…is the most difficult class of all so far. It’s called the ‘Leave It – Drop It’ and eventually, ‘Take It’ class. Of course, Annabelle, the Pitbull, was late. I didn’t want to review last week’s lesson while we had to wait for her to show up again. I wanted to start something new. While Bella, the Pitbull/Boxer mix did her down thing, and What’s Her Name, (the Beagle with the IQ of 9) failed miserably to get the hang of it yet again, I sorted through the toy box looking for something that had a squeaker in it, but to no avail. They need to replace the toys. They’re all broken now. Annabelle finally arrived, and the instructor said it was time to begin. She looked for her little bag of cheese and hot dog pieces, but apparently, she had placed them in the bottom of the toy box for safe keeping. I can’t imagine what happened to them. <burp> My mom offered her my little baggie of cheese sticks cut into 36 precise little pieces, exactly the same size, but she declined. She produced a brand new box of peanut butter flavored animal crackers just for dogs. I almost fainted! As the instructor circled the room, she dropped a cracker in front of each dog and sternly said the words, ‘LEAVE IT’. Annabelle did fair. She left it for about 10 seconds, and promptly snarfed it up. Bella also did pretty well…about a repeat performance of Annabelle’s. What’s Her Name, (with the IQ of 9) didn’t have a clue. The instructor dropped the cracker in front of her, and What’s Her Name (with the IQ of 9) walked away, and sat down behind her owner. She never did come back to the instructor or the cracker. Then it was my turn. The instructor dropped the cracker, gave the command to ‘LEAVE IT’ and I snarfed that sucker up before the instructor got her hand an inch away from the ground. I was so proud of myself! Then I waltzed over and grabbed What’s Her Name’s (with the IQ of 9) before anyone knew what happened. The instructor had headed to Annabelle, and dropped hers in front of her, and BAM…I had that one just as it hit the floor! Dang…I’m good! Yeah…I grabbed Bella’s before she had a chance to even sniff it. You put a peanut butter flavored anything in front of me and it’s like putting crack in front of a street addict. The teacher gave my mom a really nice comment tonight. She said mom cut the cheese better than any other owner she’d ever seen. She also said that I needed to repeat this class next week, free of charge.  😛 Help me, Lord! I’m in peanut butter withdrawal! Call me when dinner is served .Gracie