The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting spookier. There are strange lights all along the street where I take my walks. They make me nervous! Mom says there’s nothing to be afraid of, but, I’m not so sure. Why, even yesterday, there was an unwelcome visitor in the back yard. It was a black cat! I “boofed” at it through the patio door, but it gave me the kitty finger and showed no sign of moving on anytime soon. Typical of the species. from what I hear. There are decorations on the side of houses, depicting witches astride brooms, Casper type ghosts staring at neighbors passing by, and, pumpkins with faces looking twisted and menacing! I don’t see the need to celebrate this day called Halloween. There’s no “Trick or Treat” for dogs…just kiddos. One good thing…mom has a lucky pumpkin that sits on the patio. It’s made of horse shoes, and given to her by a VERY good friend. Down the street, a yard has the perfect size pumpkins for me. They don’t scare me at all.

Do you know why ghosts can’t have babies? The neighbor told mom it’s because they have hollow weenies. <chortle> Happy Halloween, everyone!