Annabelle, the Pitbull was late for class. I thought sure she was going to get sent to detention, but the instructor just let it pass. The first part of the class was spent teaching us how to relax. The instructor gave each of the owners and their dog a big thick mat to sit on, and passed around a box filled with toys. Gracie & ToysEach dog could pick out a toy of their choice, and when the box came to me, I picked out 4. While each dog played with their toy, each owner began massaging their dog, starting at the head, moving down the body, rubbing the shoulders, the back, the hips, turning the dog over, rubbing the belly, etc. Annabelle fell asleep. Bella, the Pitbull/Boxer mix lay over on her side with her eyes rolled back in her head. What’s Her Name, the Beagle with the IQ of 9, sat like a stone with drool running out of her mouth. Me…I walked around the enclosure and collected everybody’s toy and now I have 7. Obviously, I’m the smartest dog in the class. Next on the agenda, is keeping my attention focused on mom the entire time I’m walking with her, and to sit each time we stop. Well…not a problem until the instructor pulls out her treat bag and produces string cheese and cut up hot dogs. Mom thinks my dog food is going to keep me focused. After a considerably lengthy discussion about my “behavior”, I heard mom question whether I was actually going to graduate from this “school” or not. I was hoping we’d stop at the grocery store on the way home…you know…string cheese and hot dogs. I’m thoroughly exhausted. Call me when dinner is served